Rilasciata la nuova release 3DViewStation Desktop v2022, clicca qui per scoprire i numerosi miglioramenti presenti in questa release.

  • Import 3D:
  • Parasolid 34.0 Import 2D:
  • Solid Edge 2022
  • Solidworks 2022 (SP0)
  • NX 1992, 1996, 2000 Functions & Features:
  • CATIA: PMI reference to solids
  • Light sources on node level: allow e.g. inner parts of a car to render nicely in a night scene
  • Night scene settings
  • API only: New Glare effects. Light sources will appear more realistic in the night
  • Setting to load prototype views
  • Setup creates backup of presets.xml
  • enhanced and accelerated file format recognition
  • New: Copy text from 2D files to clipboard
  • New: Import setting to load PMIs as ‘always on top’
  • Enhanced: Shadow rendering

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